Amy Richards

Amy was born in Casper, Wyoming in the Spring of 1990. The first nine years of Amy’s life were spent moving between cities in Colorado and Texas due to her father’s job. Her family finally settled down in Richmond, Texas in the Summer of 1999.

Debating whether to travel 15 hours to attend Savannah College of Art and Design, Amy made the decision to stay close to home by attending Texas A&M University fall of 2008. She received her Bachelor of Science in Visualization in May of 2012 and continued her education in Aggieland, pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Visualization. She graduated December of 2016.

Amy is a mixed media artist who works with both traditional and digital media. Her MFA work focused on the relationship between man and canine, the dog’s involvement in society and culture, and its assistance to humanity. Her work has been exhibited at HERE Arts Center, South by Southwest, Lawndale Art Center, The Arts Council of Brazos Valley, The Wright Gallery, Las Laguna Gallery, and displayed for Viz-a-GoGo, an annual screening/exhibition in Bryan, Texas. Besides being a dog lover, Amy enjoys playing the trumpet and traveling. She currently works at Blue Sky Studios as a Junior Fur Technical Director.